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3-speed 6 volt model of a Unimat SL lathe

Updated on:
Oct. 29, 2007.

1890 T.A. Maclean Steam Sawmill Engine in one-twelfth scale
a miniature one-inch swing scale model lathe
An S50 Mill Engine made from castings
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I have a new website...  

However I didn't want to disturb this one since many of you have told me that you check back here often.  My new website will contain some pages from this site as well and in time I will remove those pages only from here, but I will put links to their new location.                        - John

New Site:
Steam sawmill engine plant
Welcome to the Engineman's model engineering web site.   On the  Models  page you will find a photo gallery of miniature steam plants,  stationary and marine engines, boilers,  tools and working ornaments that I have constructed over the past twenty-five years.  The  Workshop  page is dedicated mostly to the tiny microlathe I used to make these things,  and to a new minilathe that I purchased to ease the burden in future.
These models were made just for fun, and in the same spirit I invite you to cruise down through these photos accompanied by my comments. 
                                                                                                                        - John
Steam boiler plant model
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